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Education that is affordable

The Cost of Attending Chemeketa

Chemeketa provides you one of the most affordable higher education opportunities in Oregon. Find out how much you'll need to pay for tuition and associated fees.

Tuition & Fee Information

Coupled with numerous financial aid opportunities, a Chemeketa education is an affordable and smart investment.

Academic Year 2024 - 2025 Tuition & Fees

Effective summer term 2024 –

  • Oregon and border state students: $141 per credit hour ($104 tuition + $37 universal fee)
  • Out-of-state students: $312 per credit hour ($275 tuition + $37 universal fee)
  • International students: $312 per credit hour ($275 tuition + $37 universal fee) plus a non-refundable $265 fee per-term for students attending with an F1 visa)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS): $212 per credit hour ($175 tuition + $37 universal fee)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Out-of-state students: $387 per credit hour ($350 tuition + $37 universal fee)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) International students: $387 per credit hour ($350 tuition + $37 universal fee)

The universal fee shown above is used to support a variety of activities. The breakdown of the universal fee and the uses are as follows:

Name Rate Purpose
Athletics Fee $0.95 Provides general support for athletic programs
General Fund $27.80 Provides funding for student supporting services and operational support for the college
Instructional Equipment Fee $3.20 Funds replacement and repair of equipment and software for instructional delivery and academic and student support services
Safety and Security Fee $0.70 Contributes to enhancing the safety and security of all college properties 
Student Activity Fee $0.45 Provides support for student retention efforts, multicultural activities, student ID system, and other student success efforts
Student Initiated Fee $0.70 Funds student leadership programs, clubs and activities, and a legislative internship program
Student Success Fee $2.50 Provides support for initiatives directed by the college's strategic plan related to student success and access
Technology Fee $0.70 Assists the college in making investments to maintain core technology infrastructure
Total $37.00  

The costs cited above are for tuition and universal fees. Some classes have additional fees such as course materials and lab fees or differential fees. All fees for a class will appear totaled together in the 'Tui + Fee' column of the class schedule. Costs for credit classes are calculated on a per-credit basis. Tuition varies depending on your permanent residence.

Payment Due Date

Before the first day of the term or within ten days of registration (whichever is later) to avoid a $25 late fee. Additional late fees will be applied each term on unpaid accounts throughout the term.

More About Residency

College Prep Classes

  • Call 503.399.5224 for current costs of ABE and GED classes
  • Call 503.399.6298 for current costs of non-credit ESOL classes
  • Call the Testing Department at 503.399.6556 for the current fee to take the GED test

Late Fee Accrual Dates

Term First Late Fee $25 Second Late Fee $25 Third Late Fee $25
Spring 2024

On unpaid accounts as of the
first day of term or ten (10)
days after registration
(whichever is later)

Fri. May 10, 2024 Fri. June 7, 2024
Summer 2024 Mon. July 29, 2024 Mon. Aug 12, 2024
Fall 2024 Fri. Nov. 8, 2024 Fri. Dec. 6, 2024
Winter 2025 Fri. Feb. 14, 2025 Fri. Mar. 14, 2025
Spring 2025 Fri. May 9, 2025 Fri. June 6, 2025

The maximum late fee per term is $75.

A past due account may result in future denial of services including –

  • Registration
  • Denial of future credit
  • Impact on credit history
  • Additional collection charges and legal fees

Cost of attendance

Chemeketa Community College provides an estimate of expenses for attending a standard academic year. You can use this as a guide to help you budget for attending Chemeketa. You will not be billed for these amounts, and your actual expenses will vary based on living expenses and level of enrollment.

The cost of attendance is composed of the following expenses:

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee rates are set annually by the Chemeketa Community College Board. Your tuition cost is based on the number of credits you enroll in each term. 


Costs for books and supplies will vary based on your program and the classes and books required.

Food and Housing

Food and housing are estimated living expenses you could need as a student. In your cost of attendance, you will either have “Off Campus” or “At Home” costs based on the housing choice provided. Food represents the average cost of three meals per day, seven days a week. Housing represents the average rent within Salem, OR metro area.


Transportation expenses reflect the typical costs of traveling to attend school. Your actual costs may be different based on your transportation choices. Purchasing a vehicle, car loan payments, insurance costs and major repairs are not included in these costs.


Personal expenses vary and include personal care, clothing and phone. Keep in mind that you control many of these costs. You may need to make adjustments to ensure you can afford to cover these and your other expenses.

Federal Direct Loan Fees

If you accept Federal loans (subsidized or unsubsidized), you may be accruing interest during the year.

2024-2025 Full-Time Budgets

Resident Student Living Off-Campus
  1 term 2 terms 3 terms 4 terms
Tuition & Fees (based on 12 credits) $1,692 $3,384 $5,076 $6,768
Books & Supplies $400 $800 $1,200 $1,600
Food & Housing $5,946 $11,892 $17,838 $23,784
Transportation $590 $1,180 $1,770 $2,360
Personal $622 $1,244 $1,866 $2,488
Loan Fees $21 $42 $63 $84
Total Expenses $9,271 $18,542 $27,813 $37,084


Resident Student Living With Parent
  1 term 2 terms 3 terms 4 terms
Tuiton & Fees (based on 12 credits) $1,692 $3,384 $5,076 $6,768
Books & Supplies $400 $800 $1,200 $1,600
Food & Housing $1,962 $3,924 $5,886 $7,848
Transportation $590 $1,180 $1,770 $2,360
Personal $622 $1,244 $1,866 $2,488
Loan Fees $21 $42 $63 $84
Total Expenses $5,287 $10,574 $15,861 $21,148


Oregon Student Tuition Calculator

Tuition per credit:   $104
Universal Fee per credit:   $37
Number of credits:  
Number of terms:  
Estimated Tuition:
Tuition and universal fee rate is for the 2024-2025 academic year.   Additional class fees may apply.   See Net Price Calculator for total estimated cost of attendance.